Hamptons Highway

April 22nd, 2014


This past week was Spring Break as I mentioned previously, and me and Sabina were out on adventures (of which you will see more soon, in a slightly different way than normally, stay tuned). One of those adventures including going to the Hamptons for a day. It was my first time in that beautiful paradise, and by all means not the last.

We went to a beach town called Montauk (so perfect and quaint), and just lazed around all day. Reflecting over life, feeling the sand between our toes and running as fast as we possibly could. Something that makes you feel so free, being on the beach. 

And of course, I could not resist being a typical bag lady with my two favorite Clare Vivier bags and a slightly too-big hat that often made me not see a lot. 

But I will see you all soon.

Bag one: Clare Vivier (Simple Tote)

Bag two: Clare Viver (Madeleine Petit)

Sweater: Topshop

Dress: Zara

Hat: Zara 



Central Parking

April 18th, 2014


When one cannot be at Coachella (not that I would want to be there, not a at aaaaall) one can at least have picnic in Central Park, which is quite lovely as well as it turns out. I’m wearing all white here because it felt appropriate for spring (also note that I did not get one stain on myself in spite of drinking a delicious blueberry smoothie just moments before being in these photos). 

Oh and happy easter everyone! Eat chocolate eggs and be witchy and cool.


White Shirt: Zara

White Dress: Kappahl Hamptons Collection

Necklace: Johanna N 


Polka Dots Denim

April 13th, 2014


This weekend has been one of those fantastic New York weekends when the city somehow decided to skip spring and fast forward to summer. It resulted in bare, pale legs, happy faces and polka dots in an all denim clad ensemble in my case. And this upcoming week me and my lovely roommate, photographer and city-partner-in-crime Sabina have spring break so we will be running around the city doing our best to capture this wonderful change of season for y’all. 

Hope you’re enjoying spring as much as I am, wherever you are. 

P.S: Please also note that these overalls are litearlly 5 years old now. Which gives me mixed feelings , because it makes me realize that:

A) I am quite old, seeing as I was 15 when I bought them. You do the math.

B) overalls never go out of style, so I will probs wear these when I’m 60 years old as well, sadly.

C) it was most definitely a very well spent $10. 


Overalls: second hand

Shirt: Monki

Bag: Clare Vivier 

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